Andrew Fayers

Son of Mnemosyne

The Mad Hatter
(This Character Belongs to Wonder)
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Basic Info
Full Name Andrew Fayers
Pronunciation An-droo Fay-err-s
Meaning man, warrior
Born 13th October 1993
Current Age 19
Gender Male
Species Demigod
Sexuality Straight
Status Alive


It was 3am when Ananke was walking around looking for a suitor when she saw Blair's father. However Blair's father was a registered sex offender and when he saw her he decided to go after her, but then he noticed he was coming towards him, and a slight smirk appeared on his face.

Ananke knew what was going to happen, but she ignored her instincts as she felt an extreme love for this man. But of course he took advantage of her and did a ton of bleeping stuff to her and yeah, you get it. After he was done he left her bloodied body on the ground and walked way naturally, only to be shoved into the wall by the girl he had only just raped. He couldn't even scream for help before she showed her godly form and he died, on the spot.

A few weeks later Ananke found out she was pregnant and got worried, she tried to ask Hera what to do but Hera usually brushed her off saying she was "busy", so Ananke walked away looking for someone else to talk to. However, around 9 months later Blair was born. Ananke knew she couldn't keep her so she pinpointed the nearest orphanage and put her in it. However this was exactly an "orphanage", it was more like a prison for children who had been abandoned by their parents. Each child that went into that prison got a mark imprinted on them, usually a black colour. Every night Blair would cry herself to sleep. When she was 12 she started to plan an escape plan, she gathered a ton of other children together and they planned to escape. However a man named Raven Piracello was raiding the orpahnage with his ghost ____ as he heard they stored money and gems in the basement. While the staff were distracted the children broke out and ran, except for Blair who was worried about Raven sos he made her way down to the basement where she found all the staff's bodies laying in their own blood and Raven standing there holding up a necklace. WIP

Background Info
Hometown Unknown
Type of Childhood Unknown
Most Important Childhood Event Meeting Raven
Type of Smarts
Religious Views Hellenist
Earliest Memory
Firsts Kiss =

Sex =
Love =

Family Info
Mother Ananke
Father Unknown
Half-Siblings on Godly Parent side




Eye Colour Amber
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Height 5'4
Weight 108 lbs, 49 kg
Nationality Italian
Native Language Italian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Accent Italian
Handedness Left
Shoe Size 6
Blood Type A-
Voice Soft and soothing
Eye Sight 20/20
Languages Spoken Italian


Health Status Healthy
Clothing Style Loose dresses/blouses, Flowy Skirts and Jeans
Distinguishing Marks Large scar on her left forearm
Body Style Petite

General Info
Relationship Status Single
Nicknames None
Sign Sagittarius
Meaning of Sign Element =

Ruling Planet =
Symbol =
Birth Stone =

Current Location The Sanctuary

Liberi Dorms

Pets None
Likes Solitude

Classical Music

Dislikes Asymmetrical Things


Fears/Phobias Things being Asymmetrical
Things He Won't Do Make things Asymmetrical
Person They Secretly Admire Herself
Most Influenced By Herself
Moral Compass Almost Never Points North
Most Important Person Before Camp
Most Important Person Now
Immediate Goals
Long Term Goals

Vices Alcohol
Bad Habits Sucking her thumb
Sleeping Habits Insomniac
Quirks Occasionally faints when something extravagant is asymmetrical

Dream Job Hasn't decided
Current Job N/A

Colour Black
Music Classical
Food Soup
Animal Raven
Book Unknown


"What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset."


Weapon of Choice *Two Daggers
  • A Scythe (she hardly uses it as it's asymmetrical)
Strengths Defensive
Weaknesses Offensive
Missions Led 0
Missions Been On 0


General Personality


Reacts to a Crisis? Panics before fainting
Face Their Problems? Nope
Reacts to Change Fine
Alignment Lawful Evil

Attitude Pessimistic
Personality Introvert
Talents Playing Piano
Social Skills None

One Word to Describe Symmetrical
Best Physical Trait Eyes
Worst Physical Trait
Things to Change About Self 1.


Mental State Unbalanced
Mental/Emotional Disorders OCD


Emotional Stability Unstable

Greatest Fear Death

Asymmetrical Things

Most at Ease When? In Water
Priorities Herself
Past Failures Making an asymmetrical drawing
Biggest Accomplishment Getting out of the prison they called an "orphange"
Darkest Secret WIP
Secret Known by Anyone? WIP
Personal Tragedy Unknown
Outlook on Life Pessimistic
One Wish Unknown
Character Flaw Doesn't trust people that can be trusted

Relationships With Others
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? WIP
Perceived by Strangers WIP
Perceived by Lover WIP
Perceived by Friends WIP
Perceived by Family WIP
First Impression WIP
Family/Friends Like Most? WIP
Family/Friends Like Least WIP
Name Relation Feelings
Ananke Mother .....

Role Character Plays Member of Liberi Superum


Inspiration Behind Creation The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland
Future Goals WIP
Current Relationship N/A
Current Active RP's None