Jotted notes, ideas and other stuff for our lovely nation to come. (You must have permission from Raid or Orbit to post on here or alter anything.)

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Orbit's SectionEdit


  • Leader of the Nation (King or Queen) - Me
  • The Hand of the Nation (The Hand) - Me as well.
  • Commander of the Military (The Dog) - Raid
  • The Counsul (The Spider) - Wonder
  • The Royals - Open to multiple people. (Three royal families.)
  • Assassins (highly trained guards -- second highest military ranking) - Only a few slots open (number unconcluded.)
  • Guards - Open to people.
  • Thieves (Some hired by the ruler, some who stick arond and locally steal.) - Open to anyone.
  • Shop Vendors - Open to anyone with an idea for a vendor. (In need of; Medicine, vegetables and grain products, meats, wine, ale, jewelry, household items, etc.)
  • Commoners - Open to anyone.
  • Wenches (whores -- employed by brothels) - Open to anyone.
  • Peasants - Open to anyone.

The Mer's of the NationEdit

  • High Elves
  • Dark Elves
  • Wood Elves
  • Blood Elves
  • Shadow Elves
  • Snow Elves
  • Orcs
  • Dwarves (Mining, Mountain, Tundra, Forest) 

Character Plots For MeEdit


Raid's SectionEdit

Character for MeEdit

My character of an unknown race will be the top soldier and private guard of Nessy's character. He will be the main leader of the Assassins, Guards, and whole Military including what the money is used for within the military. He will have some knowledge within magic but will mostly have knowledge in mechanics and weaponry as well as forging weapons.

Other SectionEdit

(The rule for this section is that you must have permission from BOTH Orbit and Raid to post under this section. If you are not allowed, your ideas will be instantly deleted -- good or not.)